My Writing


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Here are some words I have strung together

Ever since watching a star explode when I was a kid, and having an infinite amount of information downloaded into my consciousness, I have been an avid writer, dreamer and space explorer. Most of what I write is taken directly from my dream journal, with little to no editing.

Satta is a four page mashup of cosmology and software technology, told from the perspective of a dream.

I Dreamed I Woke Up is a compilation of Satta, Will’s Choice, Chloe and Autopilot, as well as some fascinating excerpts from my actual dream journal.

Alternatively, those other three stories can be read (for free) by following the links below.

Will’s Choice takes place in an alternate universe where free will is based on literal dice rolls.

Chloe is the story of a visit to an ex-girlfriend that goes horribly wrong.

Autopilot reveals the existential implications of being able to fast-forward time.

Movie Night is a book about a high-schooler who comes into possession of  time machine, which he promptly uses to mess up all of space and time in the quest for love and tuxedo maintenance. This story is significantly longer than the others.

More books coming soon…


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